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Why Us

Every person that walks through our doors is unique - and at Restart Physical Therapy, you'll receive a treatment plan that is tailored to your specific needs. 


Insurance policies can limit your level of care. They may deem your goals as "not medically necessary" and deny you coverage, restrict the amount of therapy you receive, or force you to be seen at the same time as 3 other patients - which is a common occurrence at a typical outpatient clinic. 


That's why private pay physical therapy is a great option for those who want top-notch, quality care with zero restrictions. At Restart Physical Therapy, all your sessions will be one on one. You'll sit down with a Doctor of Physical Therapy who will listen to your concerns, conduct a comprehensive evaluation, discuss your plan of care with you, and customize each of your sessions to reach your goals.

Meet the Staff

Dr. Tyler Mok PT, DPT, Owner

Tyler Mok is the owner of Restart Physical Therapy. He grew up in NYC, graduated from Touro University with a Doctorate of Physical Therapy, and is currently residing in Orlando, Florida. He has experience in various outpatient clinics and sub-acute care. He is proficient in multiple manual therapy techniques, such as joint mobilizations with movement and myofascial release. Tyler's background in martial arts and his fascination with biomechanics and muscle recovery sparked his pursuit to become a physical therapist. In his spare time, he enjoys playing guitar and bass, watching movies, cooking for his wife, and exploring local restaurants.

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