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What is private pay PT?

Private pay, or out-of-network physical therapy means that patients pay directly to the practice without going through insurance. This allows the physical therapist to solely focus on your treatment time, without having to be busy with paperwork or handing you over to another staff member.

What kind of hands on treatment do you provide?

In order to decrease pain, increase mobility and improve coordination some of the techniques that are provided are soft tissue mobilization, manual traction, myofascial release, proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation, and joint mobilizations.

Can I submit a claim to my health insurance?

Yes! We can provide a receipt (called a super-bill) that you are able to submit to your insurance company for full or partial reimbursement, depending on your insurance plan.

If I have Medicare, can I still recieve PT services?

Unfortunately, it is not legal for Medicare beneficiaries to pay privately for physical therapy services. We are not accepting any Medicare beneficiaries at this time; however, we are exploring wellness sessions in the future that will allow you to receive alternate supportive services. 

What should I expect from my visit?

Your first visit will consist of a full evaluation. This includes a discussion of your medical history, your current concerns, your goals, and physical testing to fully understand your impairment. This is followed by hands on treatment. As you progress, the PT will collaborate with you throughout your plan of care so you can maximize the benefits of each session.

Do I need a prescription?

According to direct access laws in Florida, a prescription is not required for an initial evaluation. However, a prescription or signed plan of care from your doctor will be required 30 days after the initial evaluation. 

Have More Questions?

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