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Why Health Insurance is Holding You Back

Updated: Apr 4

There’s no doubt that health insurance is important. It allows you to cut down on medical costs for healthcare services that are required to keep you healthy and access medical professionals for emergencies. However, insurance companies are not health care professionals. They only care about what is medically necessary for you to function - and not a dollar more.

From a healthcare professional perspective, when dealing with insurance there is a great deal of red tape to go through. I was miserable as a physical therapist in an insurance-based clinic. With insurance companies decreasing our reimbursement for our services, sacrifices had to be made. I was forced to see 3-4 patients per hour in order to keep up with my quota for the day. That meant within a one hour long session, I only spent 15-20 minutes with each patient. Then for the remainder of the session, my patient would be seen by an aide to complete simple exercises. After treatment time was complete, paperwork would keep me away from my family for at least two more hours. I was exhausted. And all the while, I felt like I wasn't providing quality care that patients deserved.

When I decided to open Restart Physical Therapy, I made a commitment to myself that I would not compromise my care and time with my patients.

Insurance companies will only pay for physical therapy services that bring you to a level they deem functional. But what if you want to do more than just simply function? Physical therapists are movement specialists - therefore all aspects of life should be assessed in your care. What if you wanted to go back to playing 18 holes of golf every Saturday? Or ride on your favorite bike trail? And what if you injured your hand before, but now your knee is hurting every time you bend to tie your shoe? Would insurance cover another round of therapy sessions? You are more than just a body part that needs to be fixed, and a private pay clinic is your best chance of reaching that level of care.

Our mission at Restart Physical Therapy is to make each patient a personalized plan of care that puts your goals above everything else. If you are ready to take the next step, make an appointment with us and we will make your recovery more about you.


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